Twitter adds schedule and save draft tweets feature

Twitter allows scheduling tweets in web app

All this can be done from Twitter's web app. Twitter already offers Tweetdeck for scheduling tweets, and there are other tools available. Twitter has tweeted about the testing of this feature.

You can schedule down to the specific minute that you want the Tweet to go out. After that, you can create your tweet and when you finish, click on the "Schedule" button.

After composing a tweet, users can click on the "calendar" icon located at the bottom of the composer window. This is a great way to ensure you don't lose a thought if it comes at a time when you're not ready to tweet it out. Users will see unsent Tweets right in the Tweet composer. See, Twitter has likewise propelled the capacity to save drafts from inside its site on the off chance that you need to work out some tweet thoughts that need some adjusting or fact-checking first.

In November Twitter had said that they are currently experimenting with the feature but it is now available to the users.

Earlier, Twitter revealed that it will soon release new features which will stop people from replying tweets and it will also allow the users to check who has retweeted their posts with the comments.

Select the date you want to publish. You can also save drafts now on Twitter for the web.

As per Twitter, the drafts saved in the web app of the microblogging medium will only sync in the web app and not in the mobile app. Users can click on save to save the tweet as a draft.

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We think Twitter will refine the feature further in the coming days.



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