The Simpsons will 'no longer have white actors voice non-white characters'

The Simpsons Big Mouth and more recasting more race-appropriate voice actors for POC animated roles 3

Back at the beginning of the year, Hank Azaria chose to vacate the role of convenience store owner Apu on The Simpsons after the character became embroiled in controversy for not just encouraging stereotypes of Indian characters, but for being voiced by an actor who was white. Hank Azaria mentioned earlier this year that he would no longer play this particular character because this character has been on the receiving ends of lots of criticism as this is a negative portrayal of Indian-Americans.

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Sharing the statement on her Instagram page, Kirsten added: "Playing the character of Molly on Central Park shows a lack of awareness of my pervasive privilege".

In 2017, The Problem With Apu was released, a documentary written by comedian Hari Kondabolu and which addresses the feelings of South Asian descendants that the animated character was one of the few representations of their community on television.

The show's announcement comes amid a wider consideration of systemic racism in media and entertainment, following country-wide demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd and other Black Americans at the hands of police.

The Simpsons isn't the only FOX animated series making changes with how they cast characters of color.

The Simpsons Big Mouth and more recasting more race-appropriate voice actors for POC animated roles 4

The producers behind the present issued a press release Friday saying that any more, its characters of shade shall be voiced by actors of shade exclusively.

The Simpsons have just announced a major change to the filming of future episodes, and many fans are wondering - will popular character Apu will remain in the show?

That will affect characters such as Dr Julius Hibbert, voiced by Harry Shearer, and Homer's friend Carl, voiced by Hank Azaria. "We all agreed on it", he said.

Animated Series "The Simpsons" will no more use white actors to voice the non-white characters. "We all made the decision together, we all feel like it's the right thing and good about it".

In a statement on Twitter, Henry wrote "It's been an honor to play Cleveland on Family Guy for 20 years". This week alone, Kristen Bell from Central Park and Jenny Slate from Big Mouth said, within hours of each other, that they would no longer voice Black characters. Azaria introduced that he was stepping away from voicing the character in January.



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