Steelers to keep training camp at home this year

Steelers to keep training camp at home this year

For 54 straight years, the Pittsburgh Steelers have held their summer training camp at Saint Vincent College. It is as much a part of the Steelers tradition as the Terrible Towel. The coronavirus pandemic wiped out all football business at the team's Alameda training complex, including most of a 2020 offseason program now conducted virtually with players, coaches and team officials staying home.

The league has canceled all in-person workouts at team facilities, which only in the past two weeks have begun opening on a limited basis. But they could decide to move it to their new facility in Henderson, Nevada.

For the first time since 2015, the Detroit Lions will not have joint practices during training camp.

"In order to mitigate exposure risks", Houston Chronicle's Aaron Wilson reported on the memo, "we have agreed that no joint practices will be permitted this year during training camp".

The statement leaves it open for the team to return to Napa next year and possibly beyond, which is smart, because it is widely considerably arguably the best training camp locale and setup in the league.

Davis didn't rule out training in Napa even after moving to Las Vegas in an interview last summer, though that's ultimately uncertain at this stage. The full squad typically reports just over two weeks prior to the first preseason, which the Raiders are scheduled to play on August 13 at Seattle.



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