PM Morrison expecting G7 invite from Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump with U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy, speaks to reporters aboard Air Force One while returning to Washington from Cape Canaveral Florida

The United States has more cases than any of the other members of the G-7: Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom.

For instance, despite the current spat between Beijing and Canberra over calls for a coronavirus inquiry, China remains Australia's largest trading partner and its biggest export market. The US President seized the opportunity to suggest a rejig of an organization that began as a G-4 in 1973 and has expanded since, while indicating the new group could meet in September, possibly on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly that meets around that time.

"The chancellor thanks President Trump for his invitation to the G7 summit in Washington in late June", Merkel's spokesman said in a statement.

The representative of a media corps traveling with Trump said Trump does not regard the G7 as a relevant group to properly respond to global issues. After being isolated at the previous two summits, Trump has called the grouping "outdated"'.

He said he would like to invite Russia, South Korea, Australia and India to join an expanded summit in the fall. And what do we have?

It was not immediately clear how he would see the idea become a reality.

The summit was scheduled to be held next month by videoconference because of the coronavirus pandemic.

G7 is the group of top seven developed economies.

Russian Federation was ejected from what was then the G8 in 2014 as punishment for the annexation of Crimea.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed President Donald Trump was keen for Australia to attend the summit. Alyssa Alexandra Farah, White House Director of Strategic Communications, said that this is bringing together "our traditional allies" to talk about how to deal with the future of China.

"We've shied away as a really significant power because Australia felt "at ease" in our own neighbourhood rather than 'rising above the pack, '" Bergin told The Epoch Times.

Trump has been over the weeks suggesting that there is "no greater example" of reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic than holding an in-person G7 summit in America by the end of June. "It's hard to say for now, because Trump will have to win his reelection bid to make his policy durable", Shin said. I think a good time would be before the election, he said.

Other experts said the new coalition Trump floated could be linked to Washington's long term commitments to realigning global supply chains to suppress Beijing that has demonstrated a meteoric economic ascent.

India, which is likely to be elected for the non-permanent member's seat at the UN Security Council in NY, will be at the global high table next month.



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