Michigan Gov. Whitmer's Husband Tried to Jump Boater Line

Michigan governor says her husband was joking when he tried to get special treatment from boat dock

"Knowing it wouldn't make a difference, he jokingly asked if being married to me might move him up in the queue".

'As you can imagine it does make a difference, that would put you to the back of the line!

"In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor of MI has, over the past two months, issued over 100 executive orders that impose sweeping limitations on almost all aspects of life for citizens of MI, significantly impairing in some instances their ability to maintain their economic livelihoods", the department said in a statement.

In a Facebook post MI state Senator Tom Barrett said accused Whitmer's husband of abusing her position.

Whitmer and Mallory own a home in the Elk Rapids area.

The owner of the marina company NorthShore Dock LLC, Tad Dowker, also publicly posted about the incident.

Whitmer signed a brand new government order extending the Wolverine State's stay-home order by one other two weeks till Might 15, however eased another restrictions, which have been met with rancorous protests.

Her defense comes after her office initially said they weren't going to address "every rumor spread online".

"If you don't live in these regions. please, think long and hard before you take a trip into them", Whitmer said in announcing openings for the northern part of the state on May 18.

MI residents were also not allowed to travel to their second residences in the state.

"My husband did go up to our place in Antrim County, and raked some leaves and came home, so he was there", she said. "We did not all pile in the vehicle to go enjoy our second home, although that would have been permitted".

The request did not violate COVID-19 safety policies for MI, which has been hard-hit by the pandemic, with more than 33,000 cases and 5,241 deaths.

On Monday, May 18, Whitmer announced she was lifting lockdown restrictions in northern MI and the Upper Peninsula before Memorial Day weekend, but warned residents to not travel for the holiday.

The incident has sparked fury among MI politicians.

Michiganders created a petition to remove Whitmer from office, while Republican congressmen have rebuked her overly restrictive lockdown orders. The only joke here is that Gov. Whitmer doesn't seem to understand how serious it is for a family member to misuse your office, ' she added.



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