Man on murder charges after Reading knife attack

Reading attack: Khairi Saadallah charged with three counts of murder

Saadallah is accused of targeting a group of seven friends, stabbing three fatally - James Furlong, 36, and David Wails, 49, from Britain and U.S. national Joseph Ritchie-Bennett, 39. It was later declared a terrorist incident.

Wearing a gray prison-issue tracksuit and a blue face mask, Khairi Saadallah on Monday spoke only to confirm his name, birth date and address before London's Westminster Magistrates' Court by video link from a courtroom in Coventry, central England.

Saadallah, who moved to the United Kingdom as a refugee in 2012, is alleged to have turned towards one group of friends sitting on the grass, stabbing four of them, before turning to another group of five friends sitting nearby, stabbing two of them, one in the back and one in the cheek. He originally claimed asylum and was given leave to remain in 2018.

Mr Furlong was head of history and government and politics at The Holt School in Wokingham. "We need all the prayers for Joe and the Ritchie-Bennett families".

The family of Mr Ritchie-Bennett released a statement, telling of their "deep sorrow".

Three people died at the scene in Forbury Gardens and a further three people were taken to hospital.

A VIRTUAL VIGIL will be held in honour of the victims of the Forbury Gardens attacks tonight to remember the three people who died one week on.

It began at 19:00 BST, marking a week since the attack. British Home Secretary Priti Patel was among those who attended the service.

People are asked to light a candle on their doorsteps or have a light in their windows as part of the vigil.

Mr Saadallah is also charged with attempting to murder their friend Stephen Young as well as Patrick Edwards and Nishit Nisudan, who were sat in another group nearby, during an attack lasting less than two minutes. He described them as "true gentlemen" and said each had a "unique personality".

Council leader Jason Brock said: 'There is an overwhelming sense of grief within the Reading community about last Saturday's tragic events.

Thames Valley Police's Chief Constable John Campbell said at the vigil: "We will never forget David, James and Joseph".

"I know it will take time for everyone to heal but we stand alongside you and will do all that we can to support you, as your Police".



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