Harry Potter RPG to Launch Late in 2021 on Next-Gen Hardware

Report ‘Big-budget’ Harry Potter game could come in 2021

The report from Bloomberg confirms that the Harry Potter RPG is now in development at Avalanche Software, the former Disney Infinity developer that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment purchased and revived in 2017 after its closure in 2016.

Earlier this month, in fact, sources claimed that not only this mysterious new game was going to be called Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, but that it was also expected to launch at some point in June of 2021, and would see players creating their own avatar and joining one of the series' four iconic houses. While there was a supposed gameplay leak in 2018, Warner Bros. has yet to confirm this much-anticipated title to the world at large. While the video was authentic, Bloomberg reports that "most of the rumors that have come out since are not".

The Bloomberg report mentions the studio has yet to respond to Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling's controversial remarks about transgender people. Interactive may be sold off to another publisher, but for now, development of the Harry Potter RPG remains on track.

Many spoke out against Rowling's comments, including those who have worked close with her and starred in Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts franchises - Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Eddie Redmayne.

The Rowling controversy is likely to diminish some anticipation for the game, said Felicia Grady, managing editor of the popular Harry Potter fan site MuggleNet. Bloomberg said that neither Rowling's statements nor the potential sale have impacted the game's release schedule.

When will we get to see it in an official capacity? According to the report, it will be announced at a later date after the DC Fandome event in August, during which the next Batman game will be revealed.



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