Government Thinkers Say Raise Car Fuel Taxes to Subsidise EVs

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The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says the chancellor should also consider increasing the tax on gas for home heating. The protesters urged the governments to declare a "climate and ecological emergency" and take immediate action to tackle climate change.

But the committee insists that ministers ought to deliver the appropriate economic messages to buyers.

The CCC chair, Lord Deben, says it makes sense to raises fuel prices when the cost of oil is low - and use the proceeds to subsidise low-emissions vehicles. "We want to make people today who pick out the correct way to do so less expensive than those who pick out the mistaken way".

Elsewhere, "much remains to be done", the committee said.

But it said the Treasury's forthcoming review of climate policies must tackle the issue, as home heating must shift from gas towards low-carbon alternatives.

Rice said: "Quite rightly, the report acknowledges the success to date of decarbonisation in the energy sector and that more needs to be done in other sectors but that time is of the essence".

As substantially of the British isles swelters, the CCC warns that elderly and ill individuals are susceptible to overheating, with hospitals, treatment homes, prisons, and flats in the south of England specifically at risk.

It says refurbishing homes would improve lives and reduce emissions whilst also creating thousands of "green" jobs.

Ventilation could be improved, sunlight-shading could be fastened to home windows, and trees could be planted to incredible the air and present shade.

The report warns that the governing administration will have to have to exceed its manifesto commitments on properties.

It also suggests the write-up-Covid-19 variations will involve what is regarded as a just transition' for staff who'll need to have to be re-experienced from significant-carbon to very low-carbon jobs.

Getting around: It need to be a lot easier for people today to wander and cycle. Far better broadband is needed for residence doing work. The government's ambition to reduce the number of auto journeys needs policies.

Invest in nature, including in tree planting, peatland restoration and green infrastructure to meet up with the net zero target and bring benefits for the climate, biodiversity and quality of air, as well as reducing flood impacts.

"It's good to see the CCC highlighting the Government's upcoming White Paper on energy as an ideal opportunity to accelerate progress on electrifying and decarbonising the heat and transport sectors, as well as scaling up battery storage to provide even greater flexibility".

Chair of the CCC's adaptation committee, Baroness Brown of Cambridge, said: "Covid-19 has shown that planning for systemic risks is unavoidable". We have warned repeatedly that the United Kingdom is poorly prepared for ab muscles serious impacts of climate change, including flooding, overheating and water shortages.

Speaking in a media briefing to journalists, the committee's chief executive Chris Stark said the renewable power industry was "propping up" the overall reductions in the UK's climate emissions as the committee launched its interim progress report to Parliament.

But recovering from the economic shock of coronavirus and at the same time accelerating moves to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 is "absolutely necessary and entirely possible", the advisers said. There are many green projects that have been in the pipeline and now - when there are people needing jobs - is the ideal time for them to become reality.

Among the voices is the employers' organisation, the CBI, which said: "The need to act urgently on climate change will remain just as important as before the outbreak of coronavirus".

UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement on environmental policies in the next few weeks. In December of this year the Committee will give its recommendations on United Kingdom emissions for the period 2033-37 after which the government will legislate with new Climate Change Act targets. In its new report, the committee has assessed a wide set of measures and gathered the latest evidence on the role of climate policies in the economic recovery.

Researchers concluded that planned United kingdom emissions cuts are much less than 50 percent as demanding as desired for the place to contribute fairly in direction of restricting worldwide weather heating to considerably less than 2C.



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