Facebook to let you quietly hide embarrassing posts from teenage years

Facebook finally makes it way easier to trash your old posts

Users can also manage where their posts go after they move them to the archive or trash can. And to make it simpler to manage lots of posts at once, Manage Activity lets you view and manage your posts in bulk.

If users archive posts, they will not just be hidden from timelines, as they are with the current "Hide" feature, but from across Facebook as a whole, regardless of where it was posted or who was tagged in it. It's a nifty feature that allows you to make certain Facebook posts private instead of moving them directly to the trash. It will also have filters, using which you can find the kind of posts that you are looking for. Trashing a post, much like the recycle bin on your computer, holds a post in the trash can for up to 30 days before it is deleted entirely from the account.

The new tools are launching today and will be available via the iOS and Android apps. This can be an important tool for Facebook's legions of users, who may be meaning to "clean up" their profiles for a long time, but the present process of manually finding old posts is a bit too tedious. The lightweight Facebook Lite app, created to take up less storage on your device and work with slower mobile internet connections for developing countries, will also enjoy the change.

As of now, it is not clear as to what the feature's privacy policy is.

"We believe people should have the ability to manage and control their data, and we will continue to develop new ways to honour people's privacy by providing greater transparency and controls", Facebook added.

The good news is Manage Activity will be first rolled out to smartphones and tablets.



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