Facebook Begins Dark Mode Rollout for iOS


Some of Facebook's apps including Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram have featured ‌Dark Mode‌ for quite some time, so it remains to be seen as to why the company's flagship app took longer to gain the feature.

As per the report and screenshots provided in the report, the option to select the dark mode on Facebook will appear in the Settings & Privacy section of the app. And it looks great, and should please those of you who haven't already sworn off the problematic social network.

The new Dark Mode can be accessed via the settings menu. The company always has been lagging out when it comes to providing regular updates for the Facebook app on Android.

Tap the three lines at the far right side of the bottom menu bar.

A shortcut toggle for Dark Mode will be here, provided you have it. Tap it to turn on the new theme. Facebook aslo claimed that the new site is much faster and they have made it easier for users to find videos, games and Groups.

Social media tech giant Facebook recently rolled out dark mode support to desktop and it seems the feature will soon roll out to its smartphone users as well. Now, it's becoming available on iPhones, but for a "small percentage of users globally right now", according to SocialMedia Today. It also saves on a battery life, since you don't need to use the highest brightness.

Dark mode has become a popular visual option for apps in recent years. Google also launched dark mode for its app and on Chrome. You can check the source link for the latest update for the App.



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