COVID-19 rates in province stay low as new cases discovered

COVID-19 rates in province stay low as new cases discovered

One more person in the Calgary zone has died as a result of COVID-19, but Alberta Health says another death in that area is no longer deemed to have occurred because of the virus, so the Alberta-wide death toll remains the same at 143.

Currently, 52 people are hospitalized, six of whom are in intensive care units.

Last week, Alberta made coronavirus testing available to everyone in the province whether or not they have symptoms. "But I must stress that we have the ability to prevent such cases by continuing to follow public health measures when gathering".

Outbreaks linked to social gatherings are not unexpected now that some restrictions are being relaxed, she said.

"I know it may be hard or even seem rude to ask guests to bring their own food and drink and not share it, but it is necessary", she said.

A total of 6,501 people have now recovered from the illness.

"One of the lessons I would say we're seeing right now is ... is to remember that the new normal is not like the old, and that we have to keep protecting each other".

She stressed the need to balance "the protections from COVID that we need and also being able to have the interactions, the employment and the opening of society that will support all aspects of health".

The announcement came on Friday as more than 250,000 tests have been administered and the expanded testing will provide more data to help with moving to the next stage of the relaunch strategy.

The County of Newell has 15 cases, one active and 14 recovered.

As of Monday afternoon, no new deaths were recorded.

The North and Central zones have 28 and two active cases, respectively, while there are three active cases in an unknown zone.



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