Amazon eliminates racist messages after they show up on some product listings

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The abuse appeared on popular products such as Apple's (AAPL) AirPods and other similar products. The images caused enough furor to make the term "AirPods" trend on Twitter in the UK.

"We investigated, removed the images in question and took action against the bad actor", Amazon told the BBC.

When asked for comment about the incident, the company responded with the equivalent of a shoulder shrug and said it took unspecified "action against the bad actor". Reuters reported that at the time it ran a search over the weekend, the images were no longer viewable, and it wasn't clear how long they'd been up.

Some users went to Twitter to post screenshots of search results for "AirPods" and "bluetooth headphones" that appeared on the e-commerce site. "Extraordinarily poor site administration".

Amazon also allows third-party retailers to sell goods through its website, with the company making about half its retail revenues from this.

However, by the time they were removed, the damage had already been done.

In April, a number of of Amazon's worldwide web sites, together with the United Kingdom area, have been added to the USA commerce regulator's "notorious markets" report on marketplaces identified for counterfeiting and piracy issues. strongly disagreed with the record back then, describing it as a "totally political act".



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