Alia Shawkat says shes not dating Brad Pitt

Alia Shawkat Finally Responds to Rumors She's Dating Brad Pitt

Talking to Harper's Bazaar, the actress criticised systemic anti-black racism which she said affects her daughter Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt.

"We just became friends, and Brad introduced me to his group of friends, and it grew from there", she said, highlighting that news coverage focused on how she and Pitt didn't seem like an expected match.

Rumors that the pair were a couple began in November when the two were spotted hanging out together at the "L.A. on Fire" art exhibition.

Paparazzi photos of them captured previous year from Kanye West's opera, the one-man show of Mike Birbiglia and an art exhibition were taken as a sign by fans that they were dating.

The rumors about her and Pitt even had some of the "Arrested Development" star's friends asking about their relationship.

"We're not dating. We're just friends", she told Vulture.

Alia Shawkat is setting the record straight. She said, "All my friends were like 'What's going on?' and sending me photos". "Brad and I are just friends", he explained later, weaving the plot of a plot that, however, did not fully convince the fans of the couple.

On the attention she grabbed due to it, she said: "To them it's like, 'We don't get it!"

So the star who is in rumors for dating Brad Pitt, Alia Shawkat, has finally opened up about everything.

"I was like, 'Oh God, to the public I'm a racist who's living with Brad Pitt". But, that didn't keep fans from speculating that a romance was in the works.

And Shawkat, who revealed she was bisexual in 2017, was stunned when even her good pals started asking her what was really going on with Oscar victor Pitt. "Brad loves the art world", the insider told PEOPLE.

Another said that Pitt boasts numerous friends who share his interest in art. They added that Pitt is "very much about keeping friends as friends".



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