A service that detects ‘China apps’ goes viral in India

In three steps Remove China Apps purges your phone of apps it thinks are made in China

It is highly advisable that you remove the Mitron app from your phone as it is no longer a verified Android app by Google. This hatred is not just limited to hardware products; many people are also boycotting Chinese apps and software.

In three steps, Remove China Apps purges your phone of apps it thinks are made in China. As the name suggests, it identifies apps that are developed by Chinese companies, and users can further uninstall them if they wish to. Also note that there are several fake version of Mitron app on Google Play store which you should avoid downloading.

While testing Remove China Apps on an Oppo Reno 2, the app successfully detected WeChat, Weibo, Taobao and UC Browser as Chinese apps. For instance, will apps developed by overseas Chinese sound an alarm?

Remove China App application is developed by OneTouch AppLabs and it already has more than 1,00,000 downloads with an average rating of 4.8 stars. The developers claim that the app is "for educational purposes only", and isn't meant to "force people to uninstall any of the application (s)".

Once I clicked on the option scan now, it showed that I have two China Apps (TikTok Wall Picture and TikTok) and there was an option to delete these apps. Mitron posed to be a privacy concern as the app had access to camera, microphone and gallery on a user's phone and required a Google account for signing in.

Most of the app's installs are found in India, although analytics data from App Annie shows that it has been gaining momentum in Australia in the last few days, rising to No.5 among Android tools apps.

Should You Use Remove China Apps Application? It can not identify pre-installed Chinese apps on any smartphone. Does the fact that its founder Eric Yuan, an American citizen born in China, makes Zoom a "China app"? All of these apps were introduced in late May, and have similar reviews praising them for being "Indian'". It just depends on the developer and what he is trying to achieve. Google clearly needs such security guards too, and again Mitron app is a classic example to prove that point.



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