Zaira Wasim draws flak after posting verse from Quran about locust attacks

Zaira Wasim faced immense flak after she posted a verse from the Quran about locust attacks

"One wrote, "#ZairaWasim bashed for posting Quranic verse about Locust attack, deleted her twitter, insta account. She then sent shock waves across the nation when she announced her decision to quit the showbiz when she was being touted as the next superstar of Btown.

Soon after receiving backlash, Zaira deleted her tweet that read, "So We sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood: Signs openly self explained: but they were steeped in arrogance- a people given to sin - Qur'an 7:133".

Wasim was widely criticised by Twitterati as they believed that she tried to justify the locust attacks and floods that are now affecting the country.

Bollywood's former actor Zaira Wasim after months of facing criticism was driven to the point where she had to take down her social media. On reactivation, she responded to a tweet by a user asking her why she deactivated her account yet again.

Zaira was criticised by social media users for her insensitivity towards those affected by the locust attacks, which led her to deactivate both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Zaira Wasim, the Dangal actress, has left social media after netizens called her out for using religious verse from the Quran to justify locusts attack. Quite often, she comes off as a surprise to people when she comments about religion.



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