Wheelchair accessible places in Google Maps and new Android accessibility updates

Google Maps introduces wheelchair accessible places

The guides have been instrumental in doubling the numbers of accessibility listings for various businesses to more than 15 million worldwide, following Google's call for assistance in 2017. In order to turn it on, users will be required to go to Settings by tapping on the picture on the top right corner and scroll down to "Accessibility settings" on turn on 'Accessible Places.' Once this feature is enabled, Google Maps users will be able to see a wheelchair icon that indicates whether or not the place is accessible via a wheelchair.

The navigation app already offered information about places with wheelchair accessible facilities, but you can now choose to prioritise this in Maps. If the place is instead confirmed to not have an accessible entrance, Google will show that information also.

The new Google Maps feature helps users to check if a location is wheelchair accessible, or suitable for people with strollers and those with conditions affecting their mobility.

On Thursday, Google announced new search features created to help healthcare professionals and other essential workers find hotels offering special accommodations for COVID-19 responders, such as free or discounted rooms.

70 new languages are now supported by the app, including Albanian, Estonian, Burmese, Macedonian, Mongolian, Punjabi and Uzbek.

"That benefits everyone, from those of us using wheelchairs and parents pushing strollers to older adults with exhausted legs and people hauling heavy items".

Store owners have also helped, using Google My Business to add accessibility information for their business profiles to help users needing stair-free access find them on Google Maps and Search.

"With this feature roll-out, it's easier to find and contribute wheelchair accessibility information to Google Maps", Blair-Goldensohn said. Google has a guide on how to update locations with accessibility data at this link. USA, with other markets to follow in the future. Every time he doesn't write about gadgets, he unfortunately doesn't stay away from them, even though he tries desperately.



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