United States micromanaged Ukraine during the Presidency of Poroshenko through Biden

Zelensky calls for probe into leaked Biden-Poroshenko calls

Lawmaker Andriy Derkach is a former intelligence officer who holds a degree from the academy of Russia's intelligence service and was once a member of ousted Russian-backed leader Viktor Yanukovych's Party of Regions.

He called Biden a "friend and ally of Ukraine" and criticised Zelenskyy for eroding Western support for Ukraine to Moscow's benefit. Trump's insistence that Zelenskiy announce an investigation into the corporate prompted an impeachment battle that noticed him lose a vote within the House however win acquittal within the Senate, largely alongside social gathering traces.

Bringing Ukraine back into the US political debate poses risks for Trump.

President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the recordings on Wednesday, saying he expected more revelations to come out about Poroshenko's presidency in the future, and that Poroshenko's administration "ruled the country in such a way that they still have many adventures and [criminal] sentences to face". In 2017, as the USA was engulfed by allegations of Russian interference in the the previous year's presidential election, Derkach pushed for an investigation into Ukrainian meddling in the vote - another unsubstantiated claim voiced repeatedly by Trump. At the time, Biden was the face of USA policy toward Ukraine, demanding as a matter of policy that the government make reforms to end corruption if it wanted to continue to receive billions of dollars in Western aid and loan guarantees.

Zelenskiy said his predecessor could be in trouble over the tapes. The Ukrainian parliament recently passed a bill that outlawed the bank's return to private hands. Still, Trump allies have sought to leverage them to revive scrutiny, in addition to conspiracy theories, about Biden's ties to Ukraine forward of the 2020 elections.

The U.S., the International Monetary Fund and Ukrainian civil-society groups openly called for Prosecutor General Viktor Shokhin to be fired because he was widely considered to be corrupt and hindering the country's anti-corruption efforts. Trump and his associates have claimed - without providing evidence - that Biden wanted a new prosecutor to halt a possible probe into his son.

However, the United States presidential candidate previously explained the loan was linked to the removal of Shokin as part of an anti-corruption effort backed by the USA government, the European Union and worldwide lenders.

A readout of the call posted on the USA embassy's website said the two men discussed a range of issues, but there was no mention of Shokin or the prosecutor general's position.

"I'm not suggesting that's what you want or don't want, I'm just suggesting that that's what we're prepared to do", Biden added, as if to deflect from the fact that the offer was a quid pro quo - one billion dollars for the firing of Shokin.



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