Sony’s PS5 Showcase Aims to Pounce on Xbox’s Series X Disaster

Sony could reveal its roster of next-gen PS5 games in June

However, according to the Twitter post of VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb, the PS5 event is predicted to be held in early June, although the date is uncertain.

Turning to developers and publishers, Grubb reckons both Blizzard and Riot Games are set to host digital-only events during the summer, much like those already announced by Ubisoft and EA.

In particular, Sony seems intent on cutting down on the number of third-party games not running on PlayStation 5.

Of course, this statement is pretty vague, and we have no solid timetable for when Sony will showcase the PS5's game lineup. Maybe don't go in expecting sequels to God Of War and Bloodborne, then.

PlayStation 5 Game Console Concept
PlayStation 5 Game Console Concept

Usually, such an announcement would be planned carefully for an event like E3, but as we know, Sony made a decision to stop participating in the annual event even before it was called off because of the pandemic. Furthermore, title "Godfall" is outright confirmed to be released on PlayStation 5.

Rumors suggest Sony will host a next-gen event early next month to showcase upcoming PlayStation 5 games.

The gaming publication further claims that the event will show off next-generation games specifically for the console. "If you're on an English console, [you shouldn't] be taking space for French or Spanish audio files, things like that".

More recently, we got our first real taste of what the console can do thanks a stunning Unreal Engine 5 tech demo. He explained that its the PS5's SSD (solid-state drive) that really helps the console stand out, thanks to its ability to enable faster loading times and, in turn, larger and more detailed worlds. He added that it's "really exciting to be seeing the console market push forward the high-end PC market in this way".



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