Sessions, running for Senate, rejects Trump's criticism

President Trump's relationship with Jeff Sessions soured after Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation

Trump, who has relentlessly bashed Sessions for recusing himself from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation, once again put his ex-attorney general on blast via Twitter on Friday night.

Recent polls show Tuberville leading Sessions handily in the Republican primary race.

Sessions, 73, represented Alabama in the U.S. Senate from 1997 to 2017 but resigned when Trump appointed him U.S. attorney general.

"Jeff, you had your chance & you blew it", Trump wrote, referring to Sessions' handling of the investigation. "He let our Country down", the President tweeted. "Perhaps you've forgotten. They trusted me when I stepped out and put that trust on the line for you".

He is now running in the Republican primary to contest his old seat, which the Republicans lost to the Democrat Doug Jones in December 2017 after nominating Roy Moore, a hardline judge who spoke favourably of Vladimir Putin but was accused of, and denied, sexual misconduct involving women as young as 14.

"Jeff Sessions quit on the President and he failed Alabama".

Trump called on Sessions to drop out of the race for the Senate seat he vacated when he joined the administration. "It protected the rule of law & resulted in your exoneration", Sessions tweeted in response to Trump. Trump has always been frustrated with his former attorney general over the recusal decision on all things related to the 2016 presidential election.

No special counsel probe would have happened if William Barr, the current attorney general, was serving in the position at the time Sessions was, Trump asserted in early May.

PresidentTrump reiterated his support Friday night for former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville in Alabama's Republican Senate runoff. "Your personal feelings don't dictate who Alabama picks as their senator, the people of Alabama do", said Sessions in his own tweet.

The victor of the primary will face incumbent Sen. Sessions said he was required by law to recuse because he was a potential subject and witness since he had participated in Trump's 2016 campaign. Tuberville has begun airing ads featuring Trump's criticisms of Sessions. "I know Alabama. Tuberville doesn't", he added.

Sessions later alleged Tuberville is "too afraid to debate me".

That move soured his relationship with Trump and he was finally pushed out in November 2018.



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