Senate confirms Donald Trump's pick as USA intel chief

Senate confirms Trump nominee John Ratcliffe to be top US spy

John Ratcliffe, Texas Republican, as the next director of national intelligence.

Maine's senators split their votes, as they did when the Senate Intelligence Committee advanced Ratcliffe's nomination to the full Senate on Tuesday. Sen.

During the hearing, Mr. Ratcliffe was part of a select group of House members who supported the president during the trial, providing statements to the media on the president's behalf.

Mr. Trump tapped Mr. He has served on the House Intelligence Committee since the beginning of 2019, but has far less experience than any previous director of national intelligence, a post created after the al-Qaida attacks in 2001 in order to coordinate USA intelligence efforts.

In the following weeks, Mr. Trump removed a small handful of top intelligence officials, including Michael Atkinson, former inspector general for the intelligence community.

Trump nominated Ratcliffe again on February 28, after the country had gone since mid-August without a Senate-confirmed Director of National Intelligence, by far the longest period without one since the position was created.

In general terms, Mr.

He also said he views China as the country's greatest threat, saying Beijing was determined to supplant the United States as the world's leading superpower.

"Today, we'll confirm the next director of national intelligence". Marco Rubio, who was recently picked to be the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. And we're not quite ready to intelligently lay down the next step, but it's not too far off. Let me tell you what it won't be. When he first chose Ratcliffe to be DNI, he said the intelligence agencies had "run amok" and he hoped he would rein them in. Ratcliffe will fulfill these responsibilities.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) urged Ratcliffe to remember that "transparency brings accountability" and that "the public's business ought to be public by its very nature".

"Direct aid to county governments isn't just a good idea and it isn't only responding to an emergency - it's necessary if this country wants to grapple and claw its way back onto its feet", says Dutchess County Executive Mark Molinaro.

"The American people deserve answers about how such abuses could happen, and we intend to get those answers", McConnell added.

Ratcliffe will replace current Acting Director Richard Grenell, who was slated into the role after former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates was dismissed from the position by Trump during the summer of 2019.

Mr. Grenell, the first openly gay member of Mr. Trump's Cabinet, has been criticized for his lack of intelligence experience and has repeatedly sparred with members of Congress.

The Texas Republican seemed unlikely to get the position when Trump in February announced plans to nominate him, as he had already been selected for the job a year ago and then withdrew after Republicans questioned his experience.

He has represented Texas' 4th Congressional District since 2015, and his supporters have pointed to his work on security and intelligence matters as a prosecutor, as well as his service on the House Intelligence, Judiciary, and Ethics committees.



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