President Donald Trump Tweetstorm - The Saturday Edition

Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump on Friday declared churches and other houses of worship "essential" and called on governors across the country to allow them to reopen this weekend despite the threat of spreading the coronavirus.

"Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential" but not churches, he said. According to an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll published this week, 77 percent of American adults say that they worry about a second wave of coronavirus happening as more businesses across the country reopen. "I call upon governors to allow churches and places of worship to open right now".

The president said he would "override" governors who defy him.

The momentum toward restarting in-person worship comes amid new reports of church gatherings spreading COVID-19.

Churches, mosques, temples and synagogues have not been able to hold normal services due to limits on gatherings during the coronavirus shutdowns. He added that religious leaders would "make sure that their congregations are safe as they gather and pray".

IN state law expressly permits MCPHD to order churches and schools closed and forbid public gatherings when considered necessary to prevent and stop epidemics.

"There's a way for us to work together to have social distancing and safety for people so we decrease the amount of exposure that anyone would have to an asymptomatic", she said.

Trump wore the navy colored mask with what appeared to be a presidential seal on the left side during a private tour of the facility, where masks are required at all times.

McEnany also clashed with reporters over Trump's push to open churches after she suggested that the media doesn't want churches to reopen.

Tension over when and how to reopen houses of worship has varied depending on the state, as different areas set their own pace for easing pandemic stay-at-home orders. "Churches are doing a good job" adapting to necessary public health constraints, he said, "but I do think it's time for the country to reopen".

While Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has strongly advised everyone in the USA to make use of face masks to prevent falling victim to Covid-19, Trump and his supporters have claimed that since the USA president and his close circle of high-ranking officials are routinely tested, wearing a mask at all times is not necessary.

Some of the recommendations from the earlier version were nonetheless retained in some form, including a suggestion that religious leaders "consider suspending or at least decreasing use of choir/musical ensembles and congregant singing, chanting or reciting during services".



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