Premier League 'confident as we can be' but could still abandon season

Fans inside Liverpool's Anfield stadium in March 2020

Jurgen Klopp's side won the Champions League in June of past year and some 750,000 fans lined the streets of Liverpool for an open-top bus parade through the city in celebration.

"We've taken the first step".

And Masters admits the Premier League has not broached with its member clubs the question of what might happen if the season has to be abandoned.

"The most obvious choice for me is the end of June".

Clubs returned to socially distanced training in small groups this week and the league hope to begin playing the remaining 92 matches on 12 or 19 June.

Premier League chief executive Richards Masters says that the organisation is "as confident as we can be" about restarting the league in June.

Kabasele said the club were not putting pressure on players to return.

"We wouldn't have taken the first step to get back to training if we weren't convinced we had created a very safe environment for our players", he said.

Jordan Henderson has insisted that he "fully respects" N'Golo Kante's decision to stay away from Chelsea FC training for the time being.


"But with phase one, personally I think everything is put in place and they have tried to make the training ground as safe as possible". "I think it is impossible because it would be less than three weeks' training after a long period without doing anything. I've listened to all the arguments, I've been in the meetings, I've talked to the medical advisers, and I would be comfortable to do so".

"I think that shows the types of complications that we've got".

The UK government has yet to give the go-ahead for contact training, which would be a major step towards getting the league back up and running.

The Premier League will only publish the latest figures, which will also include the results from Norwich's first round after they were the only club not to feature in the first wave, after all 20 clubs have carried out tests.

Yet Werner warns that it could be a while before Liverpool's Anfield Stadium is filled with fans.

Masters said a trophy presentation would be organised when the title is won, provided the Premier League could facilitate the handover.



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