Palestinian Authority Rejects Arab Aid That Landed in Israel

Palestine rejects Emirati aid sent via Israeli airport

"The UAE authorities did not coordinate with the State of Palestine before sending the aid", the government sources said, adding: "Palestinians refuse to be a bridge [for Arab countries] seeking to have normalized ties with Israel".

"As far as the direct co-operation between the American intelligence agencies and the Palestinian intelligence agencies, I think it stopped as of the end of the president's speech", Erekat said.

She said: "The UAE has not coordinated with us regarding the medical aid, and we reject to receive it without coordination".

Intelligence cooperation with the CIA continued even after the Palestinians began boycotting US peace efforts led by President Donald Trump in 2017, with the sides working together on heading off violence in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where the Palestinian Authority is based.

"In light of the president's instructions about ceasing security coordination, the Israeli side was notified" of the partial withdrawal.

Shamni said he expected that the Israeli occupation forces and the Shabak's (Israel's domestic intelligence agency) incursions into areas A "which the Palestinians took care of in the past will increase, because attempts to carry out armed operations will increase", and pointed out that "there is no mediator between us".

The United States expressed surprise at the Palestinians' move, which comes as the Trump administration pursues a peace deal that many view as dead on arrival. Abbas may be trying to leverage that, but doing so publicly may only serve to strengthen Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's resolve, Ross said.

Palestinians seek statehood in the West Bank and Gaza, with East Jerusalem as their capital.

Israeli officials had no immediate comment and it was not clear how widespread the Palestinian forces' drawback was. Any threat to security cooperation may make the plan even less palatable to Defense Minister Benny Gantz's Blue and White bloc.

"From now on, we will no longer abide by these agreements".

Why it matters: Abbas has threatened before to cut security ties with Israel and the United States but has never fully followed through.

"Etihad Airways operated a dedicated humanitarian cargo flight from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv on 19 May to provide medical supplies to the Palestinians", the airline told The Associated Press news agency on Tuesday.

Razzaz accused Israel of taking advantage of the world being "distracted" by the coronavirus crisis to implement "unilateral moves on the ground". "Security cooperation with Israel no more".



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