Modern Warfare patch 1.21 replaced with Trios hotfix

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

This week it reaches Call of Duty: Warzone a new game mode that has been called Classic Battle Royale and that offers the experience with which this fashion genre began to become popular. This is a map that was first seen in Modern Warfare 3 and is set entirely on a construction site, and it was a fan favourite back in the day.

The current theory going around Call Of Duty discords is that the nuke will be armed by a certain object the game which is now unknown.

The good news is that a new Warzone patch has been released which looks to have fixed the problem. Meanwhile, the cramped Aisle-9 map will be making its debut in the small-scale Gunfight mode. Blood Money Quads have returned to Verdansk, allowing players to team up with up to four others to earn their Blood Money.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The new update is also introducing "Modified Special Operations". In its first day alone Call of Duty: Warzone had hit six million players, so in the space of approximately seven weeks that number has increased by ten times the amount. SMGs and assault rifle both expand the range of engagements in the Gulag, so be careful if you decide to rush your opponent. Survive the enemies and the ever-collapsing circle to be the last team standing.

The Armor Box is a new item available in all modes in Warzone.

Another novelty is the list of weapons available in the gulag, being now available: Kilo 141, M4, AK-47, M13, SCAR, Ram-7, MP5, AUG, P90 and Striker 45, which will cheer many players exhausted of always use hard shotguns or a treacherous revolver. Find the Armor Box in ground loot, Supply Boxes, or purchase it at a Buy Station to make sure you're protected before you get into a battle.



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