Microsoft will axe up to 50 journalists and replace them with robots

Microsoft Is Replacing Journalists With Artificial Intelligence

It explained that it was part of an evaluation of its business.

The curating of stories from news organisations and selection of headlines and pictures for the MSN site is now done by journalists.

In Britain, the Californian-based company has a contract with PA Media to supply curators whose job it is to update the company's homepage on its MSN website and Edge browser.

The Guardian reports that 27 of those affected are employed by UK's PA Media.

While the 50 contracted news producers would lose their jobs at the end of next month, another team of full-time journalists who do a similar job would remain.

Around 27 individuals employed by PA Media - formerly the Press Association - were told on Thursday that they would lose their jobs in a month's time after Microsoft chose to stop employing humans to select, edit and curate news articles on its homepages.

One journalist wey dem quote for di paper say: "I spend all my time dey read about how automation and AI go take all our jobs - now e don take my own". Human workers can stick to "very strict editorial guidelines" which guarantee that viewers are not presented with inappropriate content.

The journalists don't produce any original content for MSN. Not that there's ever really a right time to be told your job's being replaced by a robot, that is.

The work includes using algorithms to identify trending news stories from dozens of publishing partners, rewrite headlines or adding better photographs or slide shows. "Dis decisions no be di result of di current pandemic".

Microsoft said in a statement: "Like all companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis".

Many tech companies are experimenting with uses for Artificial Intelligence in journalism, with the likes of Google funding investment in projects to understand its uses, although efforts to automate the writing of articles have not been adopted widely.



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