Iron Man VR demo out now, PlayStation VR bundles incoming

Iron Man Vr Image Clean

Recently, Sony confirmed the new July 3 release date for Iron Man VR. It includes a physical copy of Marvel's Iron Man VR, PlayStation VR headset, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, PlayStation Camera, and a PlayStation VR demo disc. Pre-orders start today. A demo featuring multiple playable missions is hitting PlayStation 4 today, and giving it a shot will net you the exclusive "Molten Lava Armor Deco" for use in the full release. Soar into the comments section below. You should keep an eye out for the PlayStation VR Marvel's Iron Man VR Bundle, which is set to arrive alongside the game in the Americas.

Fortunately, if you're itching for a bit more time as Tony Stark, you'll be glad to know that the demo includes two optional missions "Flight Challange" and "Advanced Combat Challenger".

A demo for Marvel's Iron Man VR is now available for PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Store, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Camouflaj announced. This bundle will retail for around $350 Dollars and will be available in multiple territories, including the United States and Canada. Currently, it appears that the full PSVR bundle listed above will not be made available in European territories. The full game is slated to be released on 3 July 2020 in the USA, while the date may differ for our region.



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