Hackers Claim They Can Already Jailbreak Any iPhone Running iOS 13.5

Apple Update Alerts When Someone With Covid-19 Is Near

Apple has released iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 for iPhone and iPad, respectively.

Apple released iOS 13.5 to the public this week, and this update is particularly notable because it signals the release of Apple's new contact tracing technology, built-in partnership with Google.

If you enable COVID-19 exposure logging, apps that use the API will use Bluetooth to regularly send out a beacon over Bluetooth that includes a random identifier.

The team claims they tested the jailbreak solution on iOS 13.5 running on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 7.

iPhone and iPad owners, Apple is sending a new software update your way! Our technology is created to make these apps work better.

Another major feature that has been introduced in the new update is the inclusion of Apple and Google's new API for exposure notification. There won't be any changes, unless you have installed an app that uses the API. The goal of these contact-tracing apps is to notify people when they may have been in contact with an infected person.

Select the Privacy tab then go to Health.

This framework will allow governments and public health agencies to develop apps that alert you if you've come into contact with someone who later tests positive for Covid-19 and that person anonymously logs their positive result into a database. We detail Apple and Google's Exposure Notification system in our guide here.

The update allows users to swipe up and enter a passcode when attempting to unlock an iPhone instead of having to use the phone's facial recognition feature, which sometimes has a delay in recognizing faces with masks, before entering a passcode. This works both to unlock your iPhone or iPad, as well as to make payments on the App Store. In addition to this, it brings an option to control automatic prominence of video tiles on Group FaceTime calls and includes several other bug fixes with improvements.



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