Dutch farm worker contracted coronavirus from mink -agriculture minister

Dutch farm worker contracted coronavirus from mink -agriculture minister

One of the employees showed similarities with the virus found from a mink on the same farm. In more than 130 Dutch farms, semi-aquatic coronavirus mammals are raised for their soft pelts. "Does it burn out on the farms?" "We would not want to have a persistent situation". According to a report on Monday, 2.4 percent of the mink had died on one farm and was 1.2 percent on the other by the end of the month.

Schouten warned that the outbreak could be related to cats, which also tested positive on one of the country's infected farms, according to CNN. The researchers suggest indirect transmission between the minks could be through infectious droplets generated by infected animals or contaminated dusts from bedding.

Dutch authorities believe a mink may have transmitted the coronavirus to a farmworker in what may be the first animal-to-human case detected since the original outbreak in Wuhan, China. The workers of the fur farm is not feared for their own health, as transmission of infection from animals to humans was considered impossible.

"In the course of this investigation, it is reported that infected mink farms ensure that cats can not enter or leave the company's premises", said the government. Antibodies against COVID-19 have been detected on one farm in three of the 11 cats.

The country has now tightened measures around mink farms, banning people from visiting the stables and requiring all companies to be screened.

The government also said it believes that cats may be playing a role in the spread of the virus between farms.

Researchers are now taking samples at both farms to see which of the animals are infected to map the course of the disease for further investigation. An inquiry was launched to decide whether the animals had been poisoned by their human keepers.



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