Do not leave hand sanitizer in your auto when weather gets warm

Burnt out car door highlights dangers of leaving hand sanitiser in a hot vehicle

In a post on the Western Lakes Fire District's Facebook page, the firefighters shared a photo of a severely damaged vehicle door after a hard sanitizer allegedly caught fire and exploded.

Tonight, we're digging deeper after a Facebook post from a fire department in Wisconsin went viral, claiming hand sanitizer left in a hot auto exploded.

With hand sanitizer being in short supply, many breweries, distilleries and community-based companies have started making their own with high alcohol content, which they said should be between 60 and 90 per cent.

A spokesman with AHS said he doesn't know of any injuries due to hand sanitizer fires in Alberta, noting it's just a general warning from the doctors. "Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have a very low flashpoint (temperature at which its vapours ignite if given an ignition source) due to the percentage of alcohol required in these products". If you keep it outside next to your grill or in your vehicle, the sun can hit the bottle, causing magnification of the light, and lead to a fire.

Many officials and researchers took to social media to discredit the fire department post, saying that the images used were from an article about two students setting their door on fire with an aerosol can and a lighter. "Additionally, there is a potential fire risk to storing hand sanitizer in your auto". But in this case, you don't want the sanitizers getting too hot. It needs to be ignited by something else to catch fire.

Dr. Mihaela C. Stefan of the University of Texas Dallas, on the other hand, said that there is another concern for leaving hand sanitizers inside cars on a warm day.

One thing you need to worry about is the alcohol may evaporate. Thus, she's also recommending not to leave this in the vehicle.



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