Costco worker lauded online for handling of customer who violated mask policy

Costco check out shoppers

The video, captioned "Costco employee breaks social distancing guidelines to harass me and take my cart because I didn't have a mask on", features a Costco manager named Tison confronting the shopper, who says he's filming for his "3,000 follower Instagram feed, mostly locals". In response, Tison addressed the camera directly and told the customer, and any of his social media followers, that he was "asking this member to put on a mask because that is our company policy" (via Fox News).

As per the company's policy, staff and customers must wear face masks and practice social distancing while in store, but one shopper didn't agree with the rules, and filmed his run-in with the employee.

The customer then turns the camera to his mask-free face and says, "And I'm not doing it 'cause I woke up in a free country".

Tison, the Costco employee, proceeded to take the customer's cart away, politely wished him a great day several times and informed him that he is "not welcome here in our warehouse" and that he needed to leave. The UFCW says a man who worked at a King Soopers for more than 30 years died of COVID-19 and the store he worked at had 11 cases of the virus among employees. "You are no longer welcome here in our warehouse", the worker responds.

If you don't wear a mask while shopping, Tison from Costco will ask you to leave. There he is walking away with all my stuff. "There he goes. "Cuz I'm not a f***in" sheep".

Tison the Costco employee

To which Tison replies, "Hi, everyone". "We should be moving forward as a country", he added.

As of May 4, Costco has required all shoppers to wear masks while in its stores. Tison thanked everyone for his support via his own Twitter account and added: "I was just trying to protect our employees and our members".

"As part of a community, we believe this simple act of safety and courtesy is one that Costco members and employees can undertake together".

Costco said that management had no comment at this time when USA TODAY reached out. Another said, "Same kind of people that don't understand a certain "S" word but use the library, call the police and fire dept when they need to, have streets and sanitation maintained, send their kids to public schools, and took the $1200 from their president", while one more Tison support mused, "he stands there wearing shirt & shoes".



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