Coronavirus Survivor Shares Shocking Body Transformation Pics

Young nurse infected with COVID-19 shares shocking before and after photos

But after dropping 50 pounds amid the ravages of COVID-19, Schultz made a decision to share two images to his 30,000 Instagram followers - one taken about a month before he fell ill, the other snapped at a Boston hospital. "It can affect you", Mr Schultz told BuzzFeed News. "I didn't think it was as serious as it was until after things started happening", he said. 'I thought I was young enough for it not to affect me and I know a lot of people think that.

Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Before he contracted coronavirus, Mr Schultz weighed 190 pounds or 86 kgs.

But in one of his most recent Instagram posts, he wasn't showing off his muscles or a post-workout selfie.

Schultz calls himself the "bearded nurse" on Instagram, but COVID-19 also cost him that, too, as hospital staff had to shave his face for the ventilator.

"I wanted to show it can happen to anyone It doesn't matter if you're young or old, have pre-existing conditions or not".

He says he first came down with the virus in early March after attending the Winter Party Festival in Miami, Fla., with his partner, Josh Hebblethwaite.

"I didn't even recognize myself", Schultz told during a CNN interaction with John Berman, when asked about his shocking bodily transformation after contracting novel Coronavirus.

He said: "I thought only a week had gone by".

Schultz works as a nurse in San Francisco. On March 14, he flew to Boston to be with Hebblethwaite in the time between lockdowns.

Two days later, he was in the hospital with a 103 fever and liquid in his lungs.

"I still had a tracheostomy [tube], I could not speak, and also my hands were so weak that my phone seemed like it was 100 extra pounds", he informed Health.

Feeling weak was one of the most frustrating parts of getting infected by COVID-19. I couldn't hold my cellphone - it was so heavy. "I pretty much cried when I looked in the mirror".

Schultz was transported to a larger hospital within four days, where he was intubated for 4 1/2 weeks. Hebblethwaite was quickly made his medical proxy in case anything were to happen to Schultz.

"After 57 days in the hospital not able to see any visitors, battling covid induced pneumonia, I'm finally going home!" At least 38 people who attended Winter Party have reportedly contracted the coronavirus.

"The negative stuff bothers me", Schultz told BuzzFeed News, "but it doesn't bother me that much, because I've gotten so much positive feedback".



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