ASUS Unveil New Google Meet Videoconferencing Kits

Google Meet Hits 50 Million Download Mark on Google Play Store Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Data Reveals

The video conferencing service by Google is enjoying rising popularity amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Both kits come with a separate touch screen panel to manage calls, and increase ease of use.

Google Meet has crossed 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

Altogether, the company sells three variations of the kit: one for beginners, another for medium-sized rooms and another for larger rooms and many participants. It is basically a mini PC that runs Chrome OS and is specifically customized to run Google Meet.

The computer, which Asus calls Google Meet Compute System, has an Intel Core i7 processor, a 128GB SSD, and a magnetic chassis so you can connect it to the included mount or mount it more easily out of sight, according to ASUS.

The business last month additionally exposed its strategy to include numerous functions to the system for much better customer experience. As a step to make it convenient for users to access Google Meet, Google started rolling out a Google Meet integration with Gmail last month. It comes with a 120-degree field of view camera that can zoom in up to 4X without losing 720p image quality. Along with the other kits, there's a Large Room Kit, which is designed for conference zooms with up to 20 people and to be used with Logitech's PTZ Pro 2 Camera which features 1080p resolution.

Whilst exact local pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed, ASUS claims the videoconferencing kits will roll-out in late June across 28 countries. Google and ASUS are promoting these kits and hardware to businesses that, thanks to social distancing protocols, are increasingly falling back on videoconferencing tools. The video conferencing app was recently made free for everyone after the company witnessed a surge in demand for video calling apps. The change, however, will not be applicable to G-Suite users.



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