Apple's iPhone 12 might come without EarPods

Kuo Apple may not bundle earbuds with iPhone 12

Last night Prosser said on a live taping of the VypDrive podcast that rumors about the $499 Apple Glass shipping without a built-in speaker are true.

Prosser claims all processing will happen on the iPhone linked to the Apple Glass, which not only cuts the cost, but also keeps them from becoming too bulky and looking weird.

Apple Glass (yes, that's the name of Apple's highly anticipated AR glasses) is coming sooner than expected, but the final product may not look as futuristic as the hundreds of concepts floating around on the internet. Kuo says that Apple might offer a special AirPods promotion in late 2020, which - combined with an earbuds-less iPhone 12 - should be good for AirPods sales.

Yes, you can fit prescription lenses on the Apple Glass. Apple Glass could well become the most popular specs on the street.

Apple bundles EarPods (costing $29 on their own) with its iPhones and up until the iPhone XS/XR in 2018 also bundled a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter (worth $10).

Regardless, that's an incredibly low price that'll allow Apple to strengthen its position as one of the biggest providers of AR content on the market - after all, the App Store is already full of AR content that'd arguably suit a pair of glasses more than an iPhone or iPad.

Three of Apple's suppliers will share camera module orders for its forthcoming "iPhone 12" lineup, according to sources from Taiwan's handset supply chain (via DigiTimes). But we can't help but wonder if it's something people actually want. The adapter sells for $9 on Apple's website.

That's a huge leak for a product so far away from release, and is likely a devastating blow to Apple's highly-secretive Glass team, but Prosser isn't done yet. The analyst claims to have a video of the prototype Apple Glass in action, but it's something that'll have to be cleared by his lawyers beforehand.

Will you be buying the Apple Glass at launch?



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