Amazon offers 125000 full-time jobs to temporary employees

Amazon Offers Full-Time Employment to Temporary Pandemic Workers

The company hired about 14,400 new employees in Texas to help during the buying rush caused by stay-home orders across the nation. The jobs have a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour; comprehensive medical, vision and dental insurance; 50% match 401 (k) and paid parental leave. The company has 13 similar sites in Texas, which makes it the biggest operational footprint in the country.

(Reuters) - Inc AMZN.O plans to offer permanent jobs to about 70% of the USA workforce it has hired temporarily to meet consumer demand during the coronavirus pandemic, the company told Reuters on Thursday.

The company will begin telling 1,25,000 employees in June that they can continue working in their roles for longer term.

Amazon started the hiring spree in March as the global pandemic lockdown forced consumers to shop online. Amazon hopes to offer more full-time roles in the coming days, "Amazon spokeswoman Anne Laughlin said in an email".

Dozens of Amazon facilities have suffered outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers, including nine confirmed cases reported this week at a distribution facility in Aurora.

But some workers and unions complained that the company had put employees' health at risk by keeping almost all of its warehouses running in what they say were unsafe conditions.

Demand for Amazon's products and services has been so high in March and April the company has had to place limits on delivery speeds for certain items and temporarily drop its one-day shipping benefits for Amazon Prime members.

Tens of millions of people are out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Amazon says it's willing to keep 125,000 people it hired to deal with the online shopping spike as permanent workers. The e-commerce giant said on Thursday that it is planning to offer permanent jobs to 70 per cent of the USA hires during the coronavirus pandemic.



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