All about escape room game

All about escape room game

An escape room is also well known as the escape game, where it involves a team of players ends to discover clues, solutions, or even able to solve puzzles depending on one another in order to move forward to attain specific missions and goals in place within a given time-bound. Mostly the goal is to get out of the site of that particular game. The game contains puzzles of different types and problems that players have to solve to unlock and get access to new areas.


 The game begins with introduction and briefings on how to play it and how one or a team can win it. After briefing the players concerning the game and the period to be taken during the game, a clock is then started as the starting point of the game. This is the Escape Hour where players are involved in exploring and strive to find clues to solve the problem at hand and to solve puzzles in place for them to progress deeper into the game. There are a couple of setbacks that players will find themselves in the escaping room that involve mental thinking, multitasking, and making quick decisions to catch up with a time that is restricting the play.

A team may find itself stuck in a given stage. If such circumstances happen, the team has an alternative for seeking help by asking hints which are supplied in different ways and can be through writings, audio or videos, the game masters in the room, or even by use of sign language in the locker room. Most of the escape rooms have got codes and clues in place that will help players to unlock other available areas and alternatives they have to seek this help in the locker room


The team will eventually be notified by the game operators and able to escape out of the room if the players are stuck and can€™to further solve the games puzzle, and they are running out of time. If the team achieves the goals of the game within the time range, they will be declared winners. The game is nothing less or more than a quest game where the team has a mission to achieve well players that have different abilities in specific areas with an aim to attaining the goal. In many circumstances, teams with the least time taken to get out of the escape room are declared winners.



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