UK's Labour names Keir Starmer leader as party trails in polls

Outgoing UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Slammed for 'Misleading' Remarks on Antisemitism Complaints

Starmer is a lawyer and former Director of Public Prosecutions.

The former shadow Brexit secretary won the contest with a mandate that rivals that of Jeremy Corbyn in 2015, winning a majority across every section.

Wolverhampton South East MP Pat McFadden said Sir Keir needed to fix the damage that Mr Corbyn had done to the party.

On behalf of the Labour Party, I am sorry.

"A united and strong Labour Party could not be more important than at this moment".

"In those areas where we share common ground, Liberal Democrats and Labour now have an opportunity to work together, along with other progressive forces".

Warley MP John Spellar said he was pleased that the Labour Party had "recognised the strength of public opinion" in shifting away from the hard-left.

"I look forward to working with him on the cross party support for Gibraltar in the Westminster Parliament".

The move is believed to have turned many British Indians away from the party during the December 2019 general election, which resulted in a massive Labour defeat.

Sir Keir vowed to bring party unity but added: 'We have to face the future with honesty.

"Above all these qualities, he has a vision of a fairer more equal society".

He also paid tribute to outgoing Mr Corbyn, saying he "led our party through some really hard times" and "energised our movement". "Glastonbury will never be the same again".

"Keir becomes leader at a critical time for our country".

Britain's main opposition Labour Party will elect a new leader on Saturday, with Brexit policy chief Keir Starmer the frontrunner to take over a deeply divided party.

"This is a tremendous boost for the West Midlands and our country".

Meanwhile Labour Party's ruling National Executive Committee by-elections have also been seen as a victory for the moderates, with Johanna Baxter and Gurinder Singh Josan chosen to replace Corbynites Navendu Mishra and Claudia Webbe as local party representatives.

'We need to see strong, moral leadership on the vital task of ridding the Labour Party of anti-Semitism from the outset and changing a toxic culture that tolerates racism.



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