Spain's daily coronavirus death toll falls for second consecutive day

Spain registers more than 900 Covid-19 deaths for 2nd day

ISLAMABAD: Europe and America continued to be hit hard by coronavirus on Thursday as the global death toll reached more than 58,500 with more than 5,400 new deaths, confirmed cases reaching 1,091,232 mark, while about 228,035 patients have recovered.

Although these figures are extremely concerning, this is the second day in a row that the daily death toll in Spain has fallen.

The latest numbers show the number of active cases recorded has risen 3% since Friday.

More new cases were also registered, but the rate of infection slowed.

According to latest scenario, the focus of the coronavirus crisis has switched decisively from continental Europe to the U.S., with the country reporting the highest daily death toll of any nation so far.

However, Spain on Saturday recorded a second successive daily fall in coronavirus-related deaths with 809 fatalities. New York City has yet to receive a resupply for the up to 3,000 ventilators needed by next week, de Blasio said, urging President Donald Trump to mobilize medical personnel from the U.S. military.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced Saturday the extension of the country's lockdown until April 25 in order to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

So far the European Union has been unable to agree on a plan to share out coronavirus-incurred debt in the form of special bonds - dubbed coronabonds - despite pleas from Spain, Italy, France and others. The US remained at the top with the maximum number of positive cases at 258,214, followed by Italy with 119,827 infected cases, Spain with 117,710 cases, Germany with 89,838 cases and China at the fifth spot with 82,509 cases. Hospitals and morgues in NY struggled to treat or bury casualties as the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, predicted similar misery for the rest of the country. The government had initially allowed companies to decide whether or not to have workers come in, but starting this Monday, all nonessential businesses were ordered shut for two weeks, keeping even more people at home.

No other region has more than 8,600 cases or more than 363 patients in intensive care units. Almost 60,000 people have died.

But the situation is rapidly deteriorating in the United States, where worst affected NY state reported a record 630 deaths in a single day.

Austria said it will set out a timetable next week for what could be "a slow startup" of closed parts of the economy. "Given what's happening, the pace of production is going up by 50 coffins a day", said Emmanuel Garret, manager at the OGF plant.

He said his government would seek parliamentary approval to extend the country's lockdown until 26April, extending measures such as the ban on social gatherings and ordering Spaniards to remain in their homes save for essential trips to a total of six weeks. "But it is definitively way too early to identify a trend and therefore it is also too early to ease some of the strict rules we have set for ourselves".



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