Kylie Jenner Recalls ‘Bleeding From The Mouth’ During 2019 Hospitalization: ‘Sickest I’

Kylie Jenner looking off camera

Coty a major stakeholder in Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics, and it happens to have redirected some of its facilities to hydro-alcoholic gel production last week.

"One of my patients, a attractive Living Angel just donated $1,000,000 to help us buy hundreds of thousands of masks, face shields, and other protective gear which we will have delivered directly to our first responders, as too many masks at hospitals are disappearing before making their way onto the faces of our front line heroes", Dr. Thaïs revealed on social media.

Aliabadi said she had made "a wish to the universe" that some miracle would happen so that healthcare workers would receive the equipment they need to continue fighting against COVID-19, and said her "heart is overwhelmed with gratitude" Kylie answered those prayers.

The makeup mogul has nothing to hide anymore, not even her plans to maybe give her daughter Stormi a sibling much sooner than you'd think.

She added: "I have never felt more blessed to be a doctor, as helping our fearless ER (emergency room) and ICU (intensive care unit) workers feels just as gratifying as helping my own patients".

Kylie Jenner and her mom (ager), Kris Jenner, announced Tuesday that they would make a mass hand sanitizer donation to hospitals in southern California. You are my hero. And while that might be true, one of the most important things you can do is stay home...for good. "Thank you X a million...."

He thanked Kylie via this post.

Before that, the Surgeon General asked Kylie to spread the message to her 160 million followers about taking safety precautions and encourage people to practice social distancing.

Aside from her "sneak" glam-session visit, Kim shared that the super-close Kardashian-Jenner clan has been following the rules and keeping their distance from one another.

"Kim Kardashian saying how nice it was of her sister Kylie to come over and do Kim's hair and makeup for her Skype interview on The View, to promote the importance of social distancing".



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