Jimmy Fallon's FaceTime Call With Lady Gaga Didn't Exactly Go as Planned

Musical guest One Republic performs March 30 on Jimmy Fallon's

Lady Gaga and Jimmy Fallon's recent FaceTime call didn't go exactly as planned.

Before connecting with Jimmy, he told viewers that Gaga shared with him that she would be making a huge announcement on the show.

According to Kim, Kylie's sister did her make-up before the show, and in order to talk with Jimmy in peace and quiet, she fled to her mother's house. "I can't speak right now".

'That to me was really really special, because the last time we all listened to that song together was when I was in the hospital, and I didn't know if I was going to sing again'.

'You are so good, I want to buy that!' Jimmy shouted after he got a look at his visage.

Discussing the issue of mental health during the coronavirus crisis, she said "It's so important right now".

Confused, Jimmy calmly tried to navigate the situation and get more answers from Gaga but was interrupted by a loud ringing on her end.

"Can you call me on, um, can you call me Friday?" she asked, to which Fallon responded, "Can I call you on Friday? It's uh, yeah. It's Wednesday". But right as he declared Friday as the new date, Gaga called back with some more upsetting news. Gaga did give it a small hint as to what the surprise announcement will be. Some of us are at home alone, some people don't have family with them, they don't have pets, and so it's really just them and their minds, ' she said. When she got the call, however, she wasn't ready to spill the tea just yet.

Consider our calendars booked for Monday! So, she and Fallon made a decision to paint each other's portraits.



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