Fitbit adds Global Positioning System and Spotify control for the Charge 4

Fitbit app on Android showing Active Zone Minutes weekly view in PR template

Otherwise you've got all the same features we saw on the Charge 3: activity tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, Fitbit Pay, and so on. That's not a feature unique only to Fitbit-it was something that was available on the Timex Ironman GPS R300 I recently tested, for instance. Active Zone Minutes feature is launching first with Fitbit Charge 4. The device is the latest in Fitbit's most popular line, one of the few dedicated activity trackers left standing after most other companies in the space have either shut down (Jawbone, etc.) or pivoted completely to smartwatches. The device, rated for submersion under water for down to 50 meters, should also last 7 days (5 hours with GPS) on a battery, which takes two hours to charge. As for the battery life, the company claims that it will last seven days on a single charge, but Global Positioning System is likely to drain the battery faster. The Fitbit Charge 4 also comes with Spotify built-in, which will let users play songs from the wires itself. Another new function is a workout intensity map which allows you to see the heart rate zones or pace (your choice) throughout the route of your exercise.

Another new attribute for your Fitbit Charge 4 is Active Zone Minutes - a dimension that points in the era and your heart rate, and tracks.

And Fitbit has also used the launch to remind everyone that it's now offering a 90-day free trial of its Fitbit Premium experience, which includes an extensive library of tailored audio and video workouts, more detailed exercise analytics, and some other extras.

Charge 4 is available for $149.95 Dollars in black, rosewood and storm blue/black. The regular version comes in black, rosewood, and a cool storm blue/black combo, while the $170 Special Edition rocks an exclusive granite reflective/black woven band plus a "classic" black strap as a backup. Preorders are available now and if you want one of the non-standard colours or variants we recommend you do so before they are sold out. You can also control music playback on Spotify so long as the tracker is connected to the phone.

When you're done working out and ready to hit the sack, the Charge 4 can also track your sleep. You can feed in your daily goals and track them in real-time but if you forget, your Fitbit will remind you to burn some calories.

After working out, syncing your device will produce a GPS-generated heatmap of your activities - a feature that will be familiar to Strava users, and shows where you exercise most frequently (whether it's running, walking, cycling swimming or any of the other 20+ supported activities). The Sleep Score, which provides deeper insights into sleep patterns will also be available on Charge 4. Further, Charge 4 features a SpO2 sensor as well.

We are going to be seeking to bring you our complete Fitbit Charge 4 review quite soon, to see whether it will be the apparatus to keep people busy during this lengthy summer...



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