Coronavirus outbreak: Teddy bear hunt helps distract kids under lockdown

Two teddies in a window

Two stuffed bears are perched on the front windowsill of Linn Tytler's home. The ABC has reported people putting out teddies as far away as the U.S., but there are plenty of people engaging with bear hunts in Australia, too.

Since then lots more bear hunt Facebook groups and events have popped up, with people posting pictures of their bears or ones they've spotted out walking with their kids.

The stuffed animals are appearing in windows around the world in global "Teddy Bear Hunts" for children - uniting neighborhoods and giving children an exciting, social-distancing-safe scavenger hunt activity during coronavirus lockdowns. "The response was swift and positive, so I just tried to keep the ball rolling", Hopkins said via email on Monday night.

Media reports are sharing glimpses of bears peering out of windows in the United Kingdom, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and also Canada.

"The Ngunguru community have been fantastic".

"I think it's a simple but rewarding thing to do for the kids". Those who would like to view the post can visit the Bear Hunt Facebook page, and scroll for a post by the Johnston Sun Rise, with references to the Warwick Beacon and Cranston Herald. And they get to an end and they finally find a bear cave.

When you're looking for something to do with the kids, maybe just to get out of the house, go for that drive, or for a walk, and count those cute stuffed animals in windows smiling back at you.

Meanwhile, two 4m tall hay bale bears in Waipū - made by Stephanie Coc-Kroft and Tony Connell - have captured the attention of passers by.

The Galax Bear Hunt began Sunday and goes through April 5.

Beacon Communications posted in the group Monday afternoon, putting out a call to members for comments on why they've become involved. They got to go through it. "And they're like, 'Oh, we have to go in it.' and they go in and there's a bear and they..."

He and Coc-Kroft started working on them on Saturday and were finished within a couple of hours.

"If it makes people happy with what's going on at the moment it'd be pretty cool", he said.



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