Another purchase from Apple: Voysis

Voysis team- Apple siri improvement

Apple has acquired Voysis, an artificial intelligence startup the high-tech company is expected to use to improve Siri and its natural language technology, based on published reports Friday.

The customers used simple search phrases such as "I want a new Plasma TV" or "Show 4K TVs".

According to the publication, Voysis could be crucial to Apple to improve its digital assistant's understanding of natural language. It helps to interpret the request by users in a better way.

Dublin, Ireland-based Voysis focused on improving digital assistants inside online shopping apps, so the software could respond more accurately to voice commands from users. Voysis' technology understands the phrasing and sifts through a partner's database to return appropriate products in search results. Shoppers can use voice to find what they are looking for. It also uses the WaveNet, an AI model developed by Google DeepMind to create more human-like synthetic audio.

Voysis was founded in 2012 by Peter Cahill and Noel Ruane. This is about the same size as four Apple Music songs.

"Apple confirmed the acquisition to with its standard boilerplate statement: "[Apple] buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our goal or plans". Apple could possibly take some of those tricks to reduce Siri's footprint and run more of its processes on the device instead of requiring a data connection.

Apple regularly acquires artificial intelligence startups to build up Siri's capabilities, but its latest purchase might make Siri more conversational. Of course, Apple could also provide the technology to App Store developers, allowing them to improve on the integration of Siri with their apps.

This is the second surprise acquisition Apple has made public this week, following the announcement that it purchased the popular weather forecast app Dark Sky.



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