American farmers dump milk amid Covid-19 crunch

Big drop in dairy demand forces Quebec producers to dump milk

As a result, the country's dairy farmers are still counting huge losses as they find themselves in a hard situation to sell their items including milk, ghee, curd and chives.

A number of farmers in the USA and Canada have been forced to open their bulk tanks and dump milk as Covid-19 hits American production.

The instruction came after the dairy farmers' association and others met the officials of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock on March 25 seeking support and instruction to run their businesses during the countrywide lockdown.

Susan Crane, a dairy farmer in Kenosha County, said the dairy market looked different than the past several years.

That large quantity of milk was dumped in pit on their home. "And now, this happened".

The country doesn't have a problem with shoppers clearing out dairy cases of milk, or the various other milk products in grocery stores - but it's not making up for the closings of restaurants and schools.

The closures have left them with cancelled orders and too much milk, which means that many simply have no room to accept more from dairy farmers.

"Nobody could've seen COVID-19 and the impacts it had on demand and as a result, we unfortunately see milk being disposed of at a time when there are people who are food insecure in our country", said Romanski.

Dairy teams in Wisconsin desire the UNITED STATE Department of Agriculture to offer aid with the Coronavirus Aids bundle or TREATMENT Act and also make a big dairy product acquisition- that might be dispersed to food cupboards. And strangely enough, the forced dumping of milk comes as consumer demand for dairy products has soared.



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