Amazon postponing Prime Day shopping event because of coronavirus, report says

Coronavirus Impact Amazon to delay Prime Day event

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Amazon is reportedly postponing its summer blowout sales event, Prime Day, until at least August due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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Amazon declined a request from Digital Trends for comment.

Longer term, however, it wants to test workers for the virus and hopes other companies will follow suit, according to the notes, in which Amazon's general counsel also criticized an employee who was sacked on Monday.

The business does not reveal earnings from the event however has actually said vendors added to $2 billion in sales throughout Prime Day in 2019, which extended 48 hrs as well as 18 nations.

Changing face of shopping: Should shoppers be required to wear face masks? The virus' spread has caused widespread disruption all over the world as it is. Three weeks ago, the company said it planned to hire 100,000 workers to assist with online deliveries during the pandemic and temporarily raise its minimum pay to $17 an hour.

In any case, the delay could potentially cost Amazon $100 million in unsold devices it was making ready for the deals holiday that it could have to discount, per the documents acquired by Reuters.

"We probably have to promote sooner, be hard if we're capacity constrained", Zapolsky wrote, adding the "worst case" dollar amount is $300 million.

This impact may be because they'll have to sell many of their products at even deeper discounts to sell their stock. "Probably more like $100M hit to plan". The memo addressed numerous company's planned actions during the ongoing coronavirus crisis including a strategy to smear the organizer of a worker walkout at the Staten Island, New York, fulfillment center. It was the "biggest event ever for Amazon devices", too.

The company plans to roll out temperature checks and face masks for workers at all its US and European warehouses by early next week.



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