TN COVID-19 positive count goes up to 18

TN COVID-19 positive count goes up to 18

We go to Madrid, Spain, one of the epicenters of the pandemic in Europe, where health workers account for almost 14% of the country's infections.

The Tamil Nadu government, here on Tuesday, reported three more coronavirus positive cases, which raised the number of infected persons to 15.

Spain joined Italy on Wednesday in seeing its death toll from the coronavirus epidemic surpass that of China, as more than a billion Indians joined a lockdown that has confined a third of humanity. The spread continues to accelerate in Spain, which today Tuesday has recorded its highest number of deaths in a 24 hour period.

The elderly are among the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, and Spain's nursing home system has been hit particularly hard.

The state of Tamil Nadu has reported its first death from Covid-19.

By continent, Europe has listed 226,340 cases and 12,719 deaths to date, Asia 99,805 cases and 3,593 deaths, the U.S. and Canada together 57,304 cases with 624 deaths, the Middle East 32,118 cases and 2,119 deaths, Latin America and the Caribbean 7,337 cases with 118 deaths, Oceania 2,656 cases with nine deaths and Africa 2,382 cases with 64 deaths.

Louisiana has also emerged as a hot spot for the virus in the United States.

More than 435,000 people worldwide have been infected and the number of dead closed in on 20,000, according to the running count kept by Johns Hopkins University.

In recent days, the governors of at least 18 states have issued stay-at-home directives affecting about half the nation's population. Schools, bars, restaurants and most shops are shuttered.

Homeless and destitute people will receive hot, hygienic food in the facilities that they are now put up at.

Despite the national lockdown imposed on March 14, which is to be extended until April 11, both deaths and infections have continued to mount, with officials warning this week would be particularly bad.

Spain has recorded more deaths from coronavirus than China with 3,434 victims in total so far, the government said Wednesday.

The announcement came a day after Spain's armed forces asked North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for humanitarian assistance to secure supplies to help curb the spread of the virus both in the military and in the civilian population.



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