"The Walking Dead" season 10 finale delayed due to coronavirus

'The Walking Dead' season finale is being delayed due to coronavirus

And that's not the only corner of the Walking Dead universe to be impacted. The episode is titled The Tower and will focus on the final battle of The Whisperers.

News about rescheduling of The Walking Dead season 10 episodes came days after AMC announced a delay in its new spin-off series "The Walking Dead: World Beyond". The chapter that is scheduled to air on AMC next Sunday, April 5, will also show the Princess being encountered by Eugene's group. "Please follow us at@WalkingDead_AMC for updates", the broadcasting channel added. Later episodes of that series - a limited two-season project - also haven't been completed.

Another fan said: "At least we still get to see it", and used a heart emoji to show her appreciation.

Most film and television productions have ground to a halt because of the coronavirus pandemic, and we've previously written about how most network TV shows probably won't be able to finish airing their current seasons.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.

AMC has predicted April 13 to be the return date for production on the latest series. Initially scheduled to make a big appearance on April 12, the new dramatization will currently release not long from now.

It was set to premiere on 12 April, but will now also air later this year.

While in captivity on the island she found a clue which indicated Rick was still out there somewhere, and she had hope.

When it does eventually arrive, the programme-makers have promised the finale will be "an epic, action-packed thriller with plenty of surprises".



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