South Korea confirms 104 new Coronavirus cases

COVID-19: South Korea says Trump asked for spare medical equipment to be sent to the U.S.

South Korea has reported 104 new cases of the coronavirus and five more deaths, bringing its totals to 9,241 infections and 131 deaths.

The package includes 29.1 trillion won in loans to small and medium-sized companies, while another 20 trillion won will be used to buy corporate bonds and commercial paper of companies facing a credit crunch, President Moon Jae-in said in an emergency economic meeting. On the other hand, U.S. has been criticised for the lack of test kits and the coronavirus cases in the country have been increasing rapidly.

South Korea rolled out widespread testing within days, swiftly launching an aggressive program to isolate confirmed cases and trace their contacts.

South Korea's Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention said Thursday that 30 of the new cases were linked to recent arrivals.

The United States did little testing initially, and has been shutting parts of the country en masse, with fast-growing outbreaks in a number of states and thousands of new cases per day. He also reportedly asked Moon to send medical equipment to help the United States. 195 countries around the world have come under the grip of Coronavirus. This comes as the fatal virus has now spread to over 190 countries and the global infection count has crossed 4,22,000, which has prompted major cities to go under lockdown.

In contrast, 257 patients were released from hospitals where they had been isolated for treatment, the KCDC said.



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