See the Los Angeles Chargers' new bolt logo

The Los Angeles Chargers today introduced an update to the team's iconic 'Bolt' mark as well as a new logotype in advance of the 2020 season.

Eric Dickerson to the rescue. He'll also present them with two other options, one of which is a mashup of the logos the Rams released this week.

The Rams are moving into a new stadium for the 2020 season, so the team decided a new logo was in order. Just one day after the highly anticipated Rams logo reveal, the Chargers released an updated logo of their own.

And, needless to say, Dickerson is not a fan.

"Someone said it looks like a did", Dickerson said. We will keep what we have.

"When you put out a brand-new logo and product for your team you expect it to be in the top 5-10 in merchandise sales, and I'm willing to bet that this will be at the very bottom". They're not simply going to throw that work out the window in favor of a fan-made logo - not even after petitions were created and signed by thousands of fans. "The people in the office, they wear it, but they don't buy it".

On Wednesday, Dickerson shared a message on Twitter in which he expressed "disappointment" with the team over its new logo and said he'd "be speaking with the Rams" on the behalf of all Rams fans who are upset about it. The main logo has a ram horn linked with the letters L.A. The secondary logo is a white ram head with yellow horns and blue information.

Meanwhile, Rams COO Kevin Demoff said during a local telethon Tuesday that if more than $2 million was raised, he would read mean tweets about the new logos, according to ESPN. It's probably too late to change the logo, especially after it took a two-year process to design it. "I'm sure it will be a surprise, it will be change, but lots of things are and I think it's a change that our fans will come to know and love over time".



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