On the coronavirus, Trump changes his mind about China (again)

China willing to support US in dealing with coronavirus, Xi tells Trump

The US is working with its friends and partners around the world to stop the spread of the virus and coordinate their efforts, President Donald Trump said on Thursday after an emergency virtual meeting of G-20 leaders on Covid-19-19.

The contact between the leaders came as the number of COVID-19 cases in the USA surged past China's tally, making it the worst-affected country in the world.

Mayor de Blasio said on Good Morning America Friday, "when the President says the State of NY doesn't need 30,000 ventilators, with all due respect to him, he's not looking at the facts of this astronomical growth of this crisis".

For his part, Trump said on Twitter that he discussed the coronavirus pandemic "in great detail" with Xi.

"China has been through much & has developed a strong understanding of the virus", Trump said. Moreover, the US President notified that the two countries are "working closely together" to deal with the global health crisis.

According to state-run Xinhua News Agency, Xi said China was sharing information on COVID-19 "in an open, transparent, and responsible manner".

Xi reiterated to Trump during the call that his country had been open and transparent about the pandemic and offered support to the USA, which has now passed China for the most confirmed coronavirus cases. Trump and his economic team have repeatedly pushed the false claim, debunked by countless studies and even contradicted by some within the White House, that China is paying the tariffs instead of the American companies bringing them in.

Al Jazeera's Katrina Yu, reporting from Beijing, said the phone call came as a surprise, but also offered some relief at a time when countries worldwide were battling the spread of COVID-19, the highly infectious disease caused by the new coronavirus.

China's Foreign Ministry was yet to release a statement on the conversation.

The war of words between American and Chinese officials picked up pace after a top Chinese diplomat suggested the US military may have been responsible for the global outbreak.

Xi and Trump also participated in a conference call of G20 leaders on Thursday.



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