NY governor says density control measures are working

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President Donald Trump declared major disasters for NY and Washington state and said he would soon do the same for California as he vowed to marshal "every resource" to fight the outbreak.

Citing efforts in Westchester, which at one point was one of the biggest COVID-19 clusters at the dawn of the outbreak, Cuomo said that the efforts the state has been making may be working slowly, but surely.

Mr. Cuomo called on Mr. Trump to use the Defense Production Act to force factories to build ventilators and other equipment, as well as for the federal Department of Health and Human Services to send him the 20,000 ventilators in its stockpile.

The tone was a considerable change from Tuesday, when Cuomo had fiercely criticized the federal government's response to the pandemic and balked at Trump's suggestion that restarting the economy superseded public health concerns. "Every state is trying to get them; other countries are trying to get them".

Cuomo said health officials anticipate about 120,000 coronavirus cases coming into New York's hospitals and hospital capacity is only 50,000 beds.

"The governor said, "$3.8 billion sounds like a lot of money, but we're looking at a revenue shortfall of $9, $10, $15 billion dollars".

In response to that idea, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker said: "There has been some talk over the last 24 hours by some about who this nation might be willing to sacrifice to COVID-19, for the sake of our economic interests".

Darrell West, Vice President and Director of Governance Studies at Brookings, said that he believes it would be almost impossible for Cuomo to be "drafted" by the Democrats as their nominee.

"New York is the canary in the coal mine", Cuomo said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose city has half of all the cases in the state, said hospitals are "going to start to go broke".

"I don't need ventilators in six months", Cuomo said. He said that the number of confirmed infections in Westchester County, the origin of New York's outbreak, had "dramatically slowed" following a two-week containment.

Only the federal government can handle a problem of the magnitude seen in the city, he added.

"So I said to the White House, "Send us the equipment that we need, send us the personnel, as soon as we get past our critical moment we will redeploy that equipment and personnel to the next hotspot", Cuomo continued.

Coronavirus patients are not the only ones who would be impacted by a breakdown in the hospital system. We haven't flattened the curve and the curve is actually increasing, he said. He also hailed the enlistment of 40,000 retired nurses, physicians and other medical professionals signing up for a "surge health care force", but warned much remains to be done.

"We are not slowing it".

The warnings appear to have gotten the administration's attention.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said fellow New Yorker Jared Kushner, who is a senior advisor to father-in-law President Donald Trump, has been "extraordinarily helpful" in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

After days of speculation, Automotive News today reported that Ford will partner with General Electric (GE) Healthcare and 3M to make ventilators, respirators, and face shields.

(Bryan R. Smith/AFP via Getty Images) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks to the media and members of the National Guard at the Javits Convention Center which is being turned into a hospital to help fight coronavirus cases in New York City on March 23, 2020.

That rate of increase, that apex, they project at this time could be approximately 14 to 21 days away.



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